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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dewberry Farms

It doesn't really seem like fall right now here in TX! Besides it being cold for about 5 days it's been a yucky 80 degrees outside and there are no pretty colorful leaves to look at. So we have to make our fall round here...we found this farm that had pumpkin patches, pig races, corn mazes, wagon and train rides, huge slides , pony rides, ziplines,  fried pies and oreos, sausage on a stick(Lance's favorite)...really everything you could think of and more: all the perfect festivities for fall time.

After asking to buy a horse, we finally convinced him to just ride one for now. When the ponies began to move he got so excited and said "Mom look! I'm riding a horse!" After he told us he wanted a cowboy but I'm pretty sure he meant he wanted to be a cowboy.

 This was my favorite ride! You sit in these little bulls while a tractor pulls you around...dont be fooled, it was a pretty wild ride (see Gavin's concerned look).

Pretty perfect!

If you can't tell, this is a picture of complete contentment. All David wanted to do was ride the train and he loved every second of it.

I went down the slide with him the first time and then we went up again(and again and again)...while we were in line at the top he turned around and very seriously said "Mom, you can't slide down with me...No mom you can't slide down, this is David's slide...you don't go down with me, you stay here." Geez I'm already uncool to do things with.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from our little homeless ghost and our chubby monkey!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Outlaw Josey Wales

Meet the newest member of the Pendleton Party: Josie Pendleton

We got her a few weeks ago on accident. Lance somehow convinced me to go look at a litter of adorable, little fur ball, German Shepard pups. He said, "David loves little puppies and it would be fun just to go see them."Yeah right. Since we have Jake and two little rascals for kids I have been refusing to even think about another dog, but I gave in as I always do and we went to go see them. Between the puppies cute faces, Lance's puppy-dog eyes, and the breeders finagling us, I couldn't say no and somehow ended up with that darn dog. Right after I got in the car I knew it was a mistake. Since then she has somehow snuck into my heart and is a part of the gang now. It took us longer to name her than our own kids and her name changed about 3 times but Lance insisted that she have the perfect name: Josie, after Outlaw Josey Wales. Apparently he's a dude but I refuse to change her name again!

Her and Jake have become best friends...I have to admit, all those people who told me two dogs are easier than one are mostly right; they entertain each other all day long. Though it's good now, I feel a "Where the Red Fern Grows" story happening when one of em' goes.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gavin Boy

Yes we still have our kids. The only time I really remember to take pictures is when we are sitting in our apartment playing or when we're at an event and the kids are in the stroller...which is why I take the same pictures over and over again....which is why I hardly share any pictures! 
Gavin is about to turn 10 months old in a couple of days but he just barely had his 9 month check up few days ago. He looks like a butterball turkey but it turns out he is one tall kid that is actually not so buttery, but we are used to that with our boys. Gavin boy is so much fun to have in our family! He crawls everywhere and gets into everything. His favorite place to go: the bathroom. Who know's why but it's probably because his favorite thing to do is have tubby-time. G-man is a foodie through and through. Floors have to be spotless or he will find and eat everything. If you have food or anything that resembles food in your hand, nothing can stop this kid from getting it. If you are too far away for his liking he will just scream at you until you give him a bite. Gavin has been known to eat grass, mulch, dirt, and leftover food in his highchair that dad(ok maybe mom) forgets to clean.  He still screeches, squeals, and screams all the time. If you scream, he will scream. You squeal, he will squeal right back at you. Favorite playmate: David. They wrestle and laugh all day long with each other...except when they don't. The laughing usually goes away when David starts sitting on Gavin or pulling him out of places by his feet. Either way they make my days. Gavin, like his brother, and his dad, and his mom, is a talker. Always babbling. He loves to hide things and put things in certain places. Yesterday I found his shoe in a cup, paper and tags stuffed into David's shoes, one of his binkies in the dump truck he likes to play with and another under the couch. It is always a guessing game with him. My favorite thing about G-man: he is always, or most always smiling and laughing. We just love him to pieces!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's day Lance!

I took these sweet pictures for Lance for Father's Day. I'm going to put three of them in a frame next to each other to spell DAD incase anyone is confused like Lance was about the letters.


This is what this kid does when you ask him to smile...

 Probably the funniest picture I've ever taken

I LOVE living in Durham because we get to see cool places around here like this....

We went to the Duke Basketball Museum and snuck into Cameron Indoor Stadium. We weren't allowed in because they were about to have a graduation ceremony there, but I wasn't about to leave without going in.

Lance thinks he could play basketball for Duke...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gavin Boy

Weight: 14.4lb    4%-I promise I feed him
Height: 26.5"   53%

This little turkey-pie just turned 6 months a few days ago. I JUST had him! I know everyone says that but these past 6 months have gone by way too fast. He is about the cutest thing since...well since I had my other cute babe! During the day he is super cute and smiley. He is ticklish and has a sweet little chuckle. During the night, he is a monster. Many people have heard me call him this and they just laugh. What they don't know is that I really mean it! He's not the best sleeper....he'll learn right? We call him  our little screech owl because he is always screeching...high-ptich, eardrum-busting, screeching. I just started him on fruits and veggies. When I give him veggies, he spits it out and gives me a dramatic horrified look.Why on earth does this kid think he can be so strong-willed already? He wants his momma and only his momma. Oh and his passy. He sure does love David though(and dad of course)...they make each other giggle and smile all the time...and cry all the time. Weird habbit of his: he rubs his feet together so much that they become raw and gets sores, unless we have socks on him. Another weird habit: he pulls the blanket over his face when he sleeps. It's not really weird, just scary. He still has brown eyes and I love them, they remind me of Lance's eyes. We love this little guy to pieces! Can you just slow down this growing for the next 6 months? Or just the next 18 years?

Spring Training

 We had a bittersweet spring training this year....maybe a touch more on the bitter side:-) BUT I like to focus on the sweet stuff. We got to spend time with grandma and poppa B and lots of other family which was our favorite part. We stayed in Kissimmee this year so we were super close to Disney and all of the other fun stuff in Orlando. We actually got a pay-once-go-all-year pass to Seaworld so that became a weekly extravaganza for us! Now David thinks that is what every little 2 year old gets to do on a weekly basis...

These two hooligans never let grandma or poppa come down the driveway without hitching a ride on their laps!

I found this picture from last spring training...crazy how fast they grow!

The picture on the left is also from last year at the Alligator Farm. I can't believe how big David has grown in the past year. Kinda makes me sad!

This was super cute, catching David sharing his cars with Gavin!

Sometimes they make my blood boil...well maybe just simmer....but they melt my heart with their little chubby-faced smiles! Love my boys.