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Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 2013

It feels like life has slowed down somewhat to post a few pictures! Some things about us lately…

-David learned to ride his bike with no training wheels in February, is writing his name, and is spiderman obsessed
-Gavin has really started to talk and he won't stop, is constantly hurting himself, and is Mcqueen and Mater obsessesed
-Millie bean has rolled over, refuses binkies and bottles, and still sleeps happily with mom and dad
-Lance is 2nd counselor in the Young Men's Presidency(not too sure about the whole camping out thing with the scouts) and heavily involved in church softball:-)
-I'm 2nd counselor in the Primary Presidency, avid bunco goer, and getting better and the whole 3-kid thing
-This past weekend we all went camping for the first time as a family….crazy I know, and I can't technically say I camped because Millie and I headed out late at night to go home!

These two boys couldn't look more alike rockin' the missionary part

This is Millie's life every minute she is awake

This girl is one of the smiliest, happiest babies around….when mom is around of course

Friday, January 3, 2014

Millie's blessing

This past sunday Lance had the opportunity to give little Millie bean a blessing. It was a beautiful blessing for a beautiful baby girl! Besides the day our babies are born, their blessing day is my favorite. I love to think about the blessings and opportunities she will have and that we hope she will have in her life...its a reminder to me how important my role is as her mother to help her choose the path in life that follows the Savior's.

Here's a few pictures of our favorite girl!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Meet our little Millie!
Born October 22, 2013 at 4:51 pm
7lbs 5 oz

We finally have our little girl! After getting induced at 1 o'clock on tuesday, we had our little girl in our arms a short, but painful 4 hours later! And thankfully we were only in the hospital for 24 hours. They released us since we were both doing good! So far my best delivery yet! 
We love Millie to pieces and there is hardly a time where she is not being kissed, hugged, or snugged! The boys love her and constantly want to be by her. Lance is wrapped around her little finger...and of course so am I! I have always wanted a ton of boys but since having her with us, I have realized how special little girls are and I'm beyond happy that she is in our family. I think all of us needed a little softening and she was the perfect answer for that! I have a feeling Millie will be getting her way with just about everything and taking on the princess-of-the-house role quite well.

Our family of 5! Yikes

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Today was David's first day of preschool! We've been talking to him about going for a while to get him ready but the first thing he said before he went to sleep and after he woke up was that he didn't want to go. We got their and he started crying which made me cry and then Gavin started crying in the car because his buddy wasn't with him anymore...which made me cry more! I try to blame this on pregnancy but let's be honest, I would cry no matter what. David has been my buddy for the last (almost) 4 years! Gavin requested to watch videos and look at pictures of David the whole time he was gone...it was so cute that he missed his partner in crime already! David ended up loving it and didn't come home with wet or poopy pants so all is right with the world!

Just a little over a month and a little girl will be squished in there somewhere! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

3.5 and 1.5

I'm in my second to last semester of school and I'm so tired of it that I make up excuses not to listen to my lectures or do assignments...so here's excuse #1 for the day: blogging! It's a good excuse mainly because I'm getting bad at writing down cute moments that happen with our boys. They have changed so much and so quickly this past while. Here's a little bit about our 3.5 and 1.5 year old

Again this is a tad long so beware...


David is such a sweet-natured kid..most of the time. He is always aware if someone is sad or hurt and wants to help them feel better, except when it's Gavin. I've been sick with this pregnancy quite a bit and  every I am he always tells me to pray and Jesus will help me feel better...so cute! We can really see his personality coming out. He tells us what to do all the time and to go to timeout or to be quiet. He is always right(I wonder where he gets this from), not really but he thinks he is and its hard to convince him otherwise. He is such a big helper! When I ask him to do something he usually replies, "sure I will mom"...he's such a little man. We really have to be careful with what we say because he is extremely observant. The other day Gavin spilt some milk and he says, "Oh gosh Gavin you made such a mess!".We started him in soccer this spring and it's been a love/hate type of thing for him. He does a great job in listening to the coach and kicking the ball, etc. in practice, but when it comes to game time he stays as far away from the ball as he can...I think all the crazy kids running after one ball freaks him out a little. BUT he will run his heart out up and down the field chasing the kids that are chasing the ball! He says the craziest things. Since he knows that I'm pregnant and he has seen other women who are further along with their big bellies, he now thinks that everyone with big bellies(pregnant or not) is pregnant...In Costco he points out a woman(not pregnant) and says "mom look she's got a BIG baby in her belly!". It's hilarious and completely embarrassing at the same time. Many conversations with him involve the words poop, fart, booger, bugs, wrestling, etc...this must be a boy thing!

-Animals, animals, and more animals- this kid can't get enough of them. He asks me everyday to go to the zoo and to get him books at the library about his favorite animal for the week.
-Books- we are always reading books and going to the library for more. Second to animals, his favorites are the I Spy books and he's pretty good at finding everything!
-running/racing- we go on walks most days of the week and he wants to run races with you the whole time...who needs a dog? This boy will keep you in shape! He's been known to run(mostly) a mile or two total. I see a track star in the future.
-swimming- he's part fish
-playing with Gavin, unless Gavin is taking toys from him
-playing games with the family in his room- he makes up all kinds of games for us to play in his room. The other day he and Gavin went in there and he shut the door. After a few minutes I got nervous and I walk in and David is standing on his night stand(Gavin attempting to get on) and he jumps a few feet away to his bed, then proceeds to tell me it's his fun jumping game for him and Gavin...they are crazy.
-friends- he loves playing with this buddies because they are rough and tough like him and always sword fighting or wrestling.
-taking showers
-snugs- he asks me every night to snug with him
-reading the Book of Mormon- I think this is more to prolong going to bed but he does ask every night to read it!

-pants and long-sleeve shirts-  at church he rolls his pant legs up as high as they go...thank goodness its summer and I don't have to beg him to wear a jacket.
-wet shoes- things quickly turn bad if his shoes get wet...he dislikes it so much that he has gone barefoot at parks to avoid wearing the wet shoes.
-dirty hand/clothes- I think we go through a pack of wipes a day because this kid has to clean everything. If his clothes get food on them(not dirt, dirt is ok) then he has to change them. He's also very concerned if someone else spills food on their clothes.
-naps- I'm afraid these are quickly diminishing
-the dark
-wearing shirts when he sleeps
-having the fan on

Random facts:
- his favorite song is You Might Think by Weezer on the Cars 2 soundtrack. I liked it until about the 268th time of playing it for him. At least he has decent taste in bands.
- favorite show is Octonauts
- tells me to ask him what he is thinking about all the time. usually he's thinking what animal he wants to be when he grows up or what animal he wants to ride on!
-STILL in the middle of potty-training


This little one is following closely in David's footsteps, literally. He is always doing or trying to say the same thing David is, though Gavin is a little more rambunctious in nature. He's always trying to climb on things or up things...the bad part of that is he is extremely clumsy! He's been close to a broken nose, has had multiple goose-eggs, and had so many bruises and scrapes its just apart of him now. He still doesn't have much hair. I just took him to the Dr for his 18-month checkup and he weighs just a few pounds less then David, what a brute! He's pretty dramatic when it comes to just about everything. Just started nursery about a month ago and he loves it thank goodness! He loves his passy and blankets, just like his brother. He will eat just about anything! He's been known to steal my broccoli...makes me proud mama here:-) Says words over and over again, until you repeat the word to him.

any and all fruits- don't eat them in front of him unless you're planning to share
tubby time
picking up bugs and creep-crawling things
wearing shoes
me singing to him
Mickey Mouse
playing with David
getting teeth brushed
throwing rocks in river
cars and airplanes

getting diaper changed
donuts-one confused dad with this one...and again, one proud mama!
riding in the car
mom leaving him

Love these monsters!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Picture time!

Because I haven't posted in months, here is an overload of Pendleton faces for your enjoyment! Good thing we only get our pictures taken every 2+ years...