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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh Christmas Trees!

Every year we move to Houston. We've been coming here for the off-season for four years now. And every year we, for some reason we wind up finding some crazy way to make money to save to help get us through the not-so-great-pay, minor league season. When hurricane Ike plowed on through and knocked down just about everything, Lance had the brilliant idea of building fences(little previous experience) and started his own company, creatively named after much thought...Pendleton Fences. Last year we bought a house(we're still not sure why) right in the middle of the housing market crash. We flipped it and have been trying to sell it for the past year and actually just recently got a contract on it. It's a Christmas miracle! Now what do to this year? Sell Christmas trees of course! It might not sound that crazy but the events leading up to the trees being delivered were not so ordinary. About the day the trees were to arrive, we heard news that the roads from Oregan were pretty bad from a big snowstorm and it would have to be delayed a couple of days...not so bad. Well a few more days go by, and no trees. We finally heard from the trucking company that the driver of the truck was in jail(which we are still investigating) in Wyoming and our money-making trees were sittin on the side of the road. Great. Well after a whole ordeal they arrived and now we have our cute little Christmas tree lot...

 Uncle Aj and bubs

 Lance didn't think I could lift a tree...and don't kid yourself, this is like a 9 ft. tree! Maybe just 7.

 And just a funny picture of my sweet little boy who is about to turn 1! Sometimes I don't realize how bald and round he is...but this clearly accentuates both.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

We're going....

It's just about that time for us!
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Fall Frenzie

I've been awful at blogging lately...we've been busy with family, vacations, birthdays, holidays,work, you name it! The pictures have been piling up on the camera and I just really didn't want to spend the time downloading them all. So needless to to say this will be one of those uber-long blogs full of way too many pictures.
We spent T-day in Asheville, NC with my family! We rented a cabin in the "mountains" and spent the week bundled up in front of bonfires, eating way too much, and playing games way too late! We LOVED every minute of the craziness!

Pictures of the family pictures we had done!

Out of everyone, even the photographer, I think I captured the sweetest little smile of Caroline

Love, love, love them!

The whole trip was really to surprise my dad for his 60th b-day!

All the dads taking over

And for Bubs...

He's been doing more climbing, standing, funky crawling...everyday!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Year of the Monkey

This little dude was a monkey for Halloween...which was only paraded and seen around grandma and granpas house but frankly I don't think the world was ready for this kind of cute-ness! I find this costume to be very fitting for him. He is, little by little becoming a Curious George and getting into everything! Not to mention he loves bananas like I love chocolate, so this is the year of the monkey for our household.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Girls weekend and first bike ride

This past weekend all the Bernhisel girls went to Atlanta for a girls weekend(plus Bubs). We went the Time Out For Women and had such a fun time, though I spent most the time strolling the hallways with a cranky little guy. I advise all those who want to go to leave the little ones home if possible. But I loved seeing my sisters! and David loved his grandma time

and stealing Annie's binkie, which she didn't think was quite as funny and quickly snatched it back with sass

Lance Armstrong in training?...

...probably not

But we still had a great time!