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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

S.S. Otter Spotter

Bubs and little miss decided to take a ride in the the S.S. Otter Spotter

This way to the pool ladies

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FL family reunion

We finally got the three cousins born within a month of each other together! And this is what happens when your cousins are girls...

Thank you David for your dedication to the camera...silly girls!

All three with grandma B!

Again, great dedication little man, those girls are just crazy

Where'd ya go little miss?

All the grandkids together!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Valley Forge, NYC and Bubs

Lance's parents came to visit us up here in good ol' PA. We loved having them here to spend time with and they loved being able to see Lance pitch and seeing David! We drove on over to Valley Forge for the day and soaked up a little U.S. History I really only got picture of people and not the sites...its ok I like looking at them more

Bubs loved a taste of Daddy's fudge

Yesterday we went on over to NYC. It was SO much more enjoyable for me not being 6 months prego and having hormones raging inside of me!
This was from the top of the Empire State Building. Just a sea of concrete...

Hardrock Cafe

Rockefellar Center

One day Saks, I'll be visiting you again with money...

With grandma P on the ferry from Staten Island

Bubs' first subway ride! He enjoyed his much more than I enjoyed my first. He even had a few grumpy ol' New Yorkers smiling which is hard to do. If bubs can't get someone to smile, nobody can.

Who knew this would happen with all the honks, construction, and billions of people running around the city

Empire State Building. It was not at all like Sleepless in Seattle which was what I was hoping for...

Of course I just have to throw in a few randoms of the cutest boy I know!

My new favorite

I can't eat anything now without him screaming for a bite