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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Forgotten one

In the midst of all the new madness Jake has been slightly forgotten (but not much, he still gets his one - two walks a day for close to an hour or two- so he is doing fine). Here is a pic just so he could a little camera time!

Back in the sunshine state

Family pictures!

Grandma B

Bubs drying off after his tubs

All my boys! loves to look at his daddy

Little peanut

cheek tickles

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lance's post

Jenny leigh doesn't like putting up same old pics, so she just puts up one. I like putting all the pics up so here you go. EAT YOUR HEART OUT.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

What I didn't expect...

I knew alot of crazy things came along with being a new mom but I didn't expect some of them...

* Being pooped on

* Being peed on

* Getting spit up in my own mouth while getting sweet kisses

* Having to breastfeed(with a cover) at a car dealership while negotiating prices
(...its a long story)
and in a dark movie theatre corner because we're desperate to get out of the house

* Having to stuff my bra in order to keep from soaking my shirts from the oh so embarassing leakages

* Not getting to shower for days even after getting all the yummy diaper drippings on me (Lance has now made it a rule that I must shower at least once a day)

* Having a 3rd sleeping buddy in the bed after I swore I would never do that(don't judge, I need my sleep too)

* Going to the bathroom while holding the little guy- multiple times

* Being so excited when I can do my hair AND make up...most the time its neither

* Seeing so many different colored diapers

* Forgetting EVERYTHING- there has been multiple times I have forgotten some layer of clothing to put on before leaving the house

* Having to schedule an exact day and time to go to the grocery store, or do anything for that matter

* Being overly excited about the thought of eating nothing but healthy foods to drop the pregnancy weight

* Having way more cravings for sweets now that I'm not pregnant

* Googling EVERY new thing I see, hear, smell, etc. with the baby to make sure it's normal( I also said I wasn't going to be the paranoid/overprotective parent)

* Going through SO many diapers and wipes and laundry that gets pooped and pee on! (I knew this was coming but you don't really get how many til you have a little one)

my list goes on and gets bigger everyday!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

One Month

I can't believe this little guy is already a month old!

Male bonding

Most people comfort their kids when they cry...I take pictures! I think his sad faces are too cute

Tummy time for both of the boys

His favorite look to give us

Tubby time! I'm the one who looks like they need the bath...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My mom surprised me last week by coming to see me and the little guy in TX! There's just nothing quite like having your mom around!

Grandma Bernhisel and David Marc meet for the first time!

They got along pretty good:-)

Just some good ol tummy time. He pushed himself about 8 inches forward here...he's got some strong chicken legs

Hates getting put in his carseat but if you swing it, he'll fall asleep and sleep forever in it.
I didn't feel like going back and fixing this picture.