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Friday, April 29, 2011

April Fun

Our little boy is starting to think he's a BIG boy now! He wants to walk everywhere by himself , take bites of food without me breaking it into pieces, put on his own shoes and lots more! It is fun watching him become a little more independant but with that comes a big independant attitude that is not so fun.

We have made a few wonderful friends at church in Scranton! We had a fun Easter Egg Hunt at the church in about 40 degree, windy weather that David loved. He quickly picked up on what to do and went straight to work picking up the eggs and putting them in the bag. Soon after he thought it would be fun to pick up mulch and rocks too.

He was always on the move so I can hardly get good picture of this kid these days so here's what we get...

Little does he know yummy candy is inside...he was happy just to play with the eggs!

My sweet BIG boy!

This is him trying to be a big boy on his own and eat the baguette.

This is our second time coming to NY to visit dad since we have to live apart now! We miss him a lot but love coming here to see him and the Big Apple!


This picture is for grandma. David hasn't had many pairs of shoes so Lance and I splurged when we saw these cute kicks and Grandma B had to see!

One of my favorite shows is Cake Boss on TLC. When I found out that we were staying only 15 minutes from their bakery I had to go! We stood in line for only 30 minutes(which we heard was really good). Lance got a cupcake, I got a canoli and we all split a chocolate chip M&M cookie...they were all delicious! I guess they do know what they are doing.

April has been an exciting month for the Pendletons! Lance was called up to the majors with the New York Yankees. I'm still trying to get used to that...We are still trying to take it all in and enjoy every minute we can!  He made his major league debut the night he got called up on April 15th-a day that will live in infamy...at least in our household!

The night of, I was a little too excited and nervous that I forgot to take many pictures but I remembered to snap a few here and there.

All the crazy New Yorkers plowing into the stadium.
 I thought it was just the coolest thing to see him on TV...even though he was on the field right in front of me.

On the mound doin' his thing:-) And I was snapping photos and jumping up and down like a little school girl. I think at that moment I fit it with the rest of the crowd.

Warming up for the first time in the bullpen...I stared over at the bullpen the whole game just trying to get a glimpse of him sitting there in his pinstripes. Little did I know I would see him pitch! So exciting.

Yankee Stadium. If you can make it in NY, you can make it anywhere.

One of the first things someone said to me when I walked in here was, "You're not in Kansas anymore." They were right! New York is another place and it doesn't get better than being with the Yankees!

I do have to add that I have driven through the Bronx and through nutty NY traffic and I am proud to say, after a little work on my aggressive moves and many honks directed towards me, that I fit right in...or at least I'm well on my way! Watch out New York, here we come!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Training in Florida

I couldn't think of a better way to spend our last day in Florida than to go to the beach! Especially since we are going north to 40 degree weather...

Good ol' fun streaking through the house...

Loved giving each other some smooches

Giving grandma B some loves after her surgery!
We had so much fun here in Florida for Spring Training! We'll miss you but as always...we'll be back next year.