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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let the good times roll

Christmas 2010Our first Christmas tree! It was short, fat, and only half decorated and I loved it!

Christmas morning

We had lots of fun with Lance's family while everyone was in town!
We did some of this...

Right about this time, my heart dropped into my stomach

We did alot of this!

Ice Ice Baby

But I think our favorite times were just hanging out and talking with these folks!

 Cousin lovin'

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My first Birthday

 David turned 1 on December 20th! We can't believe that it's been a year since he made his grand entrance to our family. He has added more joy, love and laughter to our lives than we could have imagined!

Facts about our little one year old:
*22.7 lbs and rising quickly-this is the first time his weight has been over the 25th percentile
*29.5 inches long

* food-bananas, cottage cheese, bran muffins
* petting Jake
*crawling into Jakes kennel to play
*climbing stairs
*throwing-balls, toys, food, everything. you can only imagine Lance's excitment about this
*giving loves-he points his head towards you and wants you to lay your head on his
*standing up in his crib and throwing everything out of it that he can(which has included a dirty diaper he took off and threw out...i would too if i had to sit in it)
*bath time and swimming
*bike rides
*stacking and hiding his block in different places
*feeding Jake the food he doesn't like
*pretending to feed Jake the food he does like...lets Jake lick it and then quickly puts it back in his mouth and laughs...kinda gross but he loves it!
*anything with a plug
*gettin his two teeth brushed
*touching noses
*feeding other people food

Dislikes:(pretty short list...we obviously have a lover not a hater)
*getting dressed
*weird textured foods
*when I take a long time to prepare his food
*mom leaving the room
*getting his nails clipped
*having his nose wiped or picked
*getting socks put on
*getting tossed high in the air

Random facts:
* He STILL only has two teeth but two more are about to pop through
*He has just learned where his head and mouth are
* Throws things when he gets mad or frustrated
*says "Jay!" when Jake comes around
*Still takes two naps a day and sleep from 6-6:30/7
*Gets really quiet when he hears and airplane and looks up in the sky and points
*Has lived in in 3 different states(Fl/Tx twice) in the first year of his life
*Has the coolest parents ever
*Completely stuffs his mouth full of food if you aren't watching and regulating the intake
* Has stood on his own a handful of times for a few seconds
*Loves to go to the mini trash cans, throw whatever toy he has in it, and then dump it all out and do it again
*Crawls and empties all of the cupboards in our bathroom
*Wiggles his tounge aound because he likes to feel his teeth
*cutest kid.ever. :-)

Here's to you little man!

Of course we had a baseball-themed party. I have a feeling we might have quite a few of those. It was tons of fun being with family and eating your good ol' baseball game fixins'.


He didn't even want to touch the cupcake!

He wouldn't eat it either so we forced a bite

This looks like he is about to take a whopping bite...

But he just tosses it over on the floor

Sharing with Dad

Finally takes a bite!

In your face mom