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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baby Shower Fun

My fabulous sisters and mom threw me a baby shower!
Fun to see some old friends! Aimee and Shlebs

Gotta have some yummy food for hungry pregnant ladies!

Fun little baby boy gifts
Baby bumps from the earliest due to the latest
Camie, Jackie, Me, Lyndi
My little niece Andee participating in festivities

Guess the baby food! I really couldn't get myself to try all of them

Candy bar Poopy diapers!

Me and Lyndi with our prego bellies

Thanks everyone for all the fun gifts! David Marc will be one happy little boy with all these toys!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New York New York!

I went up this past week to see Lance in New Jersey and we went to visit New York City! It was very interesting...another world up there!

Time Square

I still can't believe how many people were there. This is how it was EVERYWHERE I went!

New Yankee Staduim. We had to walk 12 blocks through the Bronx to get here...an experience in itself. There are some crazies in NYC!

Old Yankee Stadium. You couldn't really see much of it...they have it blocked from all the demolishing they are doing.

Central Park. It was very pretty but we had been walking forever already so we didn't even want to walk through there.

First time on a subway...I could do without ever going on one again. They are gross and you sit way too close to people for anybodies good. BUT its better than walking everywhere!

New York Stock Exchange
on Wall Street

Ground Zero where they are building the new World Trade Center

Statue of Liberty.This was our view from the ferry we rode going into the city.

It was very fun to see all these sites , do some shopping, and if you have time to go to a Broadway show! I do know now that NYC is not the place for Lance and me! It's a big ol' dirty city, concrete surrounding you everywhere so you feel like you are trapped inside forever, filled with way too many people who I swear just walk around all day pretending to do things. Fun for visits but not to live!


Lance has been away from our "little" pup for awhile now and so I'm putting pictures up to remind him what his little one looks like!

The fire place is is favorite place to lounge and cool off after being outside for awhile.

This video is hard to see...my lense fogged up from the wonderful Florida humidity. Its Jake pouncing around the garden at lizards and bugs he thinks he sees.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 2 year Anniversary Lance!

I think this is the month of weddings! I share this month with 2 of my siblings and a few friends anniversaries!