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Friday, April 30, 2010

philly, first bites, and grandma b

Bubs turned 4 months a week ago! we celebrated with our first taste of rice cereal. i dont think any went down, he just spit it all out.

happy that we finally stopped shoving food in his face

Lance had an off day so we headed to Philly. We got to see the Liberty Bell and Independance Hall!

Independance Square

i guess the chair next to my head was originally in the room when they signed the declaration. george washington sat in it

So we were pleasantly taking pictures of the Liberty Bell by ourselves and all of the sudden we heard a massive crowd of little chinese people coming.we tried to get out of there but of few of them saw David and started grabbing his hands(yuck) and jibbering and laughing at him...probably cause he's the cutest american boy they've ever seen:) we try to walk away but one of the little guys grabs Lance and drags him over to the bell to take a picture. They wave me over and about 30 more little people surround us and everyone is laughing and taking pictures of us...so weird

trying to stay dry in the rain

Our first bouncer experience

we're working on holding the baseball...even in our sleep

grandma b came to visit us in PA! i dont know why but we didnt get any pictures of her. we already miss you grandma! we are freezing here at lance's game

Trenton thunder field

the little white dot on the pitching mound is lance...i didn't think to zoom in

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sitting duck

Yes I'm already teaching him how to pose

Monday, April 19, 2010

Post for Daddy

Since Lance will be on the road quite a bit this season he has requested that I put up pictures of the little guy multiple times a day! It may not be all the time but I will be putting up lots of pictures of little everyday things...just a warning to everyone

Tuckered out after a long walk

I wish he would swat at the dangly things...he just holds on the the sides! Silly kid

Friday, April 16, 2010

Who needs a passy?

I went jogging this morning and usually about 20 minutes into it this little guy lets the world know he's done with this sitting in the stroller business. Well I didn't hear anything so I took advantage of the time and kept going. 3o minutes into it I still didn't hear a peep out of him but I was done so headed on home. This is what I found. This NEVER happens! He hardly falls asleep anywhere without me holding him! Not only that but he stayed there and let me fold the 5 loads of laundry I've been trying to get done.
He's definitely a hand kinda guy. Now maybe he can do this at night to fall asleep.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Russian Babies and Rainbow Cakes

A cold front came through last night so we had to bundle little bubs up to go out. Looks like a cute little Russian with the hat!
dont mind the frizz
This makes me sad...he looks like a grown up little boy! This goes by way too fast.
I made this cake for the Relief Society Birthday celebration. I got the idea fron another blog...I think mine is cuter
I forgot to take a picture of the inside but it looked like this...so yummy!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trenton Thunder

All the Trenton fans get a night before the season starts to spend a night with the players, get autographs and eat hot dogs and such with them!

these cute little guys retrieve the bats for the players

Friday, April 2, 2010

New Jersey Housewife

Spring training is about done and it's that time again where we say goodbye to sunny Florida and head off to a far far away land. Lance will start off this baseball season in double-A in Trenton NJ! I'm a little nervous because all I know of the people there I have either seen on Real housewives of NJ...

and the few seconds I have seen of Jersey shore. I've come to conclude that everyone is absolutely CRAZY there! Even with all the wackos I'm still very excited for a new adventure and new baseball season to go to Lance's games and have David see his dad pitch! Lance has worked very hard this last off-season and spring training and I know this will be a great year for him! Go Yankees!